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Vandalia Timo, SchH III UKC Reg.(Rudie Pegge, PH1 X Tosca II from Kamphuis Kennel) has arrived at Vandalia Kennel

Timo is a large black brindle dutch shepherd that we are thrilled to have to cross onto our Jett  lines, he is a social handler oriented
powerhouse, our many thanks to Benny Barmapov for allowing Timo to join Vandalia Kennel in producing the next generation of
dutch shepherds with high ball and hunt drive combined with intense fight drive in a dog that is a joy to handle

Timo is a Holland Import from the KNPV program, he was bred by Gerben Kamphuis and is a combination of
the top KNPV lines, available for stud service to approved females, go to and in search box
type in Timo Brn # 7301

 Timo below headed for the long bite!

Timo below all brains, beauty and brawn the Vandalia Kennel ideal Dutch Shepherd



Below link to a Timo son owned by Jeff Gamber in Florida working french ring training at 15 weeks old:


Timo above frothing for the bite  / Below is a Timo son at 9 weeks old owned by Aviva

Below is a Timo daughter  owned and photography by Malcolm Ali in California

Below is a ten week old female Timo pup starting french ring training


RIP † below at the Bernhard Flinks Seminar held by Liberty Hoeve Kennel

RIP above at the 2009 Bernhard Flink's Seminar held by Liberty Hoeve Kennel in Columbus, Ohio 

VANDALIA RIP, † BH, Schutzhund 2,  UKC Registered
(Land of Oz Jett X Land of Oz Izzy)

Go to
and click on RIP Schutzhund 1 to see his protection routine
RIP is our foundation sire for this amazing working breed. 
his prey and hunt drives are over the top 
we have high hopes for RIP as a sport dog. 
he is from strong KNPV lines from Holland
with a full calm grip and a natural retrieve that makes training a joy.

Thanks to the Land of Oz Kennel for RIP!

RIP below at 21 mths old...RIP weighed in at 90 lbs at 3 yrs. old, he is an excellent producer of good bone, large size and crazy ball drive, below photo was achieved by having RIP show his extreme focus for a kong.

RIP above at 21 mths old at the Bernhard Flinks Schutzhund Seminar in Columubs Ohio put on by Liberty Hoeve Kennel.  A super seminar.


RIP above learning the bark & hold 20 mths old

Vandali RIP at just 7 months old in above photo
Land of Oz Jett X Land of Oz Izzy son


 RIP above being worked by Bernhard Flinks 

RIP above running a blind search at Podium Schutzhund Club...thanks Thomas for the cool pic 

Below is a RIP X Sosha, male pup, Ovie from the 2008 litter:

Below photo is Evo, a son of RIP x Sosha from the 2008 litter, Evo is now on the streets as a dual purpose K9
Thanks to Chuck Parks, Mike Mayes and Mike Garrow who saw the potential in Evo and trained him

PACO VD VASTENOW, Dual Purpose K9/ Schutzhund III 
is pictured below, he is an FCI / UKC Registered Male Dutch Shepherd male imported out of Sweden
from Lars Czylwik Dutch Shepherds, thanks to Lars for the amazing foundation work he put on Paco!
Many thanks to Benny Barmapov and his family for allowing Paco to join Vandalia Kennel as Betsy's
new schutzhund dog, watch them both in upcoming trials, Paco tracks like a vacumn so yes Dutches can track!
and FCI dogs can do nice bitework.

Paco with his handler Chris Carrol, Hampshire County Sheriff's Department

Paco Trialed for his Schutzhund II on 6/12/10 and achieved High in Tracking and HIgh Schutzhund II

Paco below at the playground:

Paco below photos at Schutzhund trial Nov. 2009, Paco is too cool on the retrieves

Paco has awesome obedience and protection, nice helper work Eric

Paco below during the transport, he is watching you, Eric

What a nice heel below for Paco

Paco nails the article on his 98 point track






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